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a. The first challenge Aaron Fisher had to face was the fact that his abuser, Jerry Sandusky, was a well-known, highly respected member of the community. Because of this, when he finally did speak out about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Sandusky, no one in a position of true power believed him. When I say ‘true power,’ I mean the people who had the power to arrest Sandusky. Even his high school principal, Karen Probst, told him and his mother to consider the ramifications (implying they would all be negative) they would encounter if the authorities were called. Aaron and his mother Dawn were then told to go home by Ms. Probst, who did not call the people at the Children’s Youth Services till Dawn informed her that was where they were headed to file a report against Sandusky.
b. A second challenge he encountered was that Jerry Sandusky was employed by and part of the very powerful football organization that is Penn State football. The videos didn’t go too far into it, but subsequent reports and grand jury findings did show that Sandusky’s behavior had been brought to the attention of several of the University’s officials, with none of them doing anything to stop it. Mike McQueary was a graduate assistant in 2001, when he first went to his father and a family friend, who was a mandated reporter, to tell him what he had heard and witnessed in the shower rooms. Both his father and the family friend told him to report it to Joe Paterno, who brought it to the attention of the University’s president. The end result was that Sandusky was told not to bring young kids on the main campus any longer, was told by his charity, Second Mile, to wear shorts in the shower rooms from then on, and was still permitted to run a summer...

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...rs, while being carried around by a group of boys to different parties, and no one does a thing about it, because she is drunk and “brought it upon herself for drinking too much,” you are perpetuating rape culture. Telling women “don’t drink” or “don’t wear short skirts,” ignores what causes rape – the rapist. Rape is not caused by women who put themselves in the wrong places at the wrong times, dress a certain way, nor is it caused by them sending out wrong signals. Often, just being a woman (or a man) is enough to get her raped; we cannot tell them to simply cease women. However, if we want to fix this problem, we first have to admit it exists. I don’t think people want to support abuse or rape, but encouraging men to be sexually aggressive, that sex is some game to be won, or treating women as objects, perpetuates rape culture and nothing is going to change.

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