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The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether seedlings of the same kind will sprout faster under different controlled temperatures. The three controlled temperatures were 32°, 20° , and 5° degrees Celsius. The hypothesis will prove that the plant in the normal temperature range will sprout faster than the plants in the higher or lower temperatures.

The procedure that was followed to support my hypothesis was to observe six germinating seeds in six separate pots. Two pots each were placed in three controlled temperature conditions. The seeds were of the same type. The same size pot was used, along with the same soil. A big hole was punched in each pot to allow for proper drainage. A measured amount of soil was put in the pots, and then one seed was placed in each pot and covered with soil. Each pot was saturated with water. An equal amount of sun, and water was provided daily over a twenty-day period. Two pots were put under a heating source to create a temperature higher than room temperature. These pots were labeled A and B. Two other pots were placed at the current room temperature of my house during winter months. These pots were labeled C and D. The last set of pots were labeled E and F and were placed in a cooler environment. The pots were observed and the data was recorded daily.

The end result of this experiment was that the two plants that were placed under a heating source produced sprouts faster than the plants with no heating source. This proved my hypothesis to be false. The heating source provided a better growing environment than the normal and lower temperatures.

Most gardeners know not to plant seedlings until after the last winter frost. Some gardeners start planting early by starting their crop inside where the temperature doesn’t reach freezing. Is the best growing environment at room temperature? Would the seedling be affected if the temperature is a little colder or warmer. I always thought that normal temperatures produce normal healthy plants. A normal environment seems more stable and therefore the plant is more likely to grow quicker. If the environment is normal then the plant does not have the added stress of adapting to it’s environment. I think it would be helpful for gardeners to know which temperature a plant grows best in. A superior seedling will produce a superior crop.
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