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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine how relationships influence human growth and development. The study focuses on various aspects such as influence of early relationships between children and their parents on later relationships in their life, differences between relationships at various levels of human development, cultural influence, and difference in relationships across the genders. For instance, the study will attempt to explain why children who experience good relationship with their parents during their early stages tend to have healthy relationships with other people in other stages of development as well as in their future families. Similarly, the study will show how children who experience harsh relationship with their parents tend to experience difficulty in establishing healthy relationships with other people. For this reason, relationships between the parents and their children will be seen as the foundation for future relationships. Theoretical Framework Attachment Theory In exploring various aspects of relationships, the Attachment theory offers significant assistance (Bowlby, 1969). The theory argues that attachment between the parents and the children can influence the children’s ability and willingness to establish relationships with other people. Accordingly, the children with strong bonds with their parents have confidence and can establish other relationships with people in their environment while those who have weak bonds and experience strenuous relationships with their parents develop low self-esteem and are not much willing to interact with people (Ainsworth, 1989). In this regard, Ainsworth (1989) suggests that how social a person is depends on his/her experiences during his/her childhood. Ainsworth (1989) emerged with four style of attachment, each of which she argued had implication on person’s life as well as future
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