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Assessment Activity 1 In the above situation I would contact the site via phone to get a better understanding of the problem that is occurring. If the site needs technical support I would either refer them to the contact details for the technical support team that they can contact so they can report the issue and get it fixed or if needed I would give approval to the people needed for access to be renewed to the site depending on the cause or problem. After doing this I would send out a communication email to the other sites in the region that had email access to ensure they were also aware that this site needed to be contacted via phone or mail if communication was necessary. If other sites also did not have email I would contact them via phone to let them know the communication that was necessary for the site in particular. I would also inform the other sites of the expected time frame that the communication would need to be that way, and ask if this would cause operational issues for the other sites. I would also consider alternatives, depending on the issue and how long access would be done and the affects that this would have on the daily operation of the business. Alternatives could include change of premises, new software, or a change in the way the access was set up and establish if changes needed to be made for future issues. The reason I called the site in the first instance was so that I could assess the situation, the impact on normal duties, and discuss outcomes for support for my employees. For the remaining three sites I would be concerned about the limited back up support that they were receiving and the impact that this was having on the business and the clients. I would first organize to have a face to face mee... ... middle of paper ... ...andards, policies and procedures and provided with information about how to raise complaints or concerns about their program with CRS Australia. This ensures that feedbacks is given to upper management throughout intervals of the program, including 3 months feedback forms and also end of program feedback forms.  Employees of CRS Australia are recruited on previous experience, recognized qualification and provide references of previous work employers so that management can assume that the right people are engaged into positions that they are suitable for.  Policies should provide measures to prevent and minimize dangerous, discriminatory, exploitative behavior within the workplace and should be dealt with promptly when occurred. Training for staff must on the above policies will be upheld half yearly as a reminder of the expectations of the staff and management.
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