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Propaganda is an important factor in winning a war; the circulation of falsified or misleading information can cause people’s opinions to change. Propaganda is skewed information given to the public in an attempt to change or alter their opinion on a subject. Some methods of carrying propaganda are through books, pamphlets, and flyers, but propaganda is most effective through television. Through the years, the implementation of such manipulative tactics on the public are progressing rather than declining. For example, during World War II the Untied States uses planes to drop leaflets over Japan. These leaflets are a warning to Japan to overthrow their government or face destruction. Propaganda is an important tool in times of war, there are different types of propaganda, propaganda can change people’s point of view, and affect the outcome of wars. There are different categories of propaganda with each category classifying the intended effect. The categories are Enlightenment, Despair, Hope, Particularism, and Revolutionary. Each category is different but follows three main elements. The propaganda must “Heighten the moral-unity of your own country, weaken the morale of your enemy, or win over the morale of the neutrals” (Bernays). The three most popular categories of propaganda are propaganda of despair, Revolutionary propaganda, and Particularistic propaganda. Armies use propaganda of despair in times of war as a way to break the enemy’s morale. The best example of propaganda of despair is the Allies constant dropping of pamphlets over Axis countries in World War II. British aircraft dropped millions of leaflets to encourage French resistance… Allies barraged Italian troops with the message that their only choice... ... middle of paper ... ...ldings and grounds and took this as a sign that their base was not in trouble. This boost to morale kept the employees working hard and gave them hope that they would still have a job. Propaganda is an important tool in times of war there are different styles of propaganda each with the goal of altering people’s point of view for better or for worse. Propaganda is also an important tool in times of war and can change the outcomes of war. Propaganda is useful in wars to change people’s point of view and sway them towards a different point of view. One effective way is through leaflets like those that the allies use to tear down the morale of Italian troops fighting for the axis cause. Propaganda is only effective if it evokes an emotional response. Hitler pioneered this filed during WWII with speeches that force people into submission through scare tactics.

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