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Pro: Solar and Wind Energy Sources
Historical background
In 1767 Swiss scientist Horace de Saussure was credited for the first solar collector. After that in 1816, Robert sterling created a heat engine which was used for dish/sterling. The scientist Edmond Becquerel discovered photovoltaic cell, when he experimenting with electrolytic. He discovered that a solid material-selenium produced electricity currents when exposed to light. In 1870s august and his assistant Abel pilre constructed the first ever solar steam engine. Selenium photovoltaic cells are converted from light to electricity by 1 to 2 percent efficiency. The first commercial solar water heater was invented in 1891 by the inventor named Baltimore. Wind turbines were small until 1940s the largest wind turbine began operating in Vermont hilltop known as grandpa’s knob. The university of Delaware build “solar one” one of the first PV powered residence. After that Arco solar became the first produced more than 1 megawatt of PV in one year. Around 1982 worldwide PV production exceeds 9.3 megawatts. Then in 1986, the world’s largest thermal electricity facility began built in California’s Mojave Desert. Then NASA got in the action and installed 83 photovoltaic power systems on every continent except for Australia.
Opposing argument
There are some bad things about using solar and wind energy. One of them is that solar and wind farms cannot generate electricity when it is cloudy, dark or still days. Well there are some resolutions for that is to have battery storage to store energy when those types of days come. Another is o only use that energy source where it is geographically area. Another problem is that fossil fuel energy is cheap and is abundant. Sola...

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...t’s too late and we extinct all our wild life and get covered in CO2.

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