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CLIENT EDUCATION The client’s readiness to learn was evaluated by identifying her primary language, her literacy level, her mood, how open she was to learning, determining if there were any physical impediments, and her preferred learning style. The patient is in the 8th grade, she does not use any assistive devices such as glasses or a hearing aid and she was motivated to learn. She learns best through visual and oral methods. So, in educating diagrams were used to explain concepts. In order to know for sure whether the patient was ready to learn, she was asked if she would be open to learning new information. Her main problems are ineffective coping, stress management, and a lack of support system. The patient was educated on relaxation techniques and problem solving. We discussed mindfulness meditation, deep breathing, and positive imagery as relaxation technique that she can use to cope with her stress and distract her from negative feelings rather than resorting to cutting. As for problem solving, Ms. K. R. C. tended to shut down and isolate when she came across problems or stre...

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