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Solar energy is the practice of converting direct sunlight into energy that can be used for many different purposes. Solar energy is clean, efficient and environmentally safe. There are many forms of renewable energy, but the most powerful is solar energy. Solar Panels can transform solar light into electricity. Solar energy is environmentally conscious, and can help rejuvenate and rebuild local economies in communities worldwide. A successful transition will lead to a cleaner environment, decreased dependence on major power conglomerates and more jobs for residents in any community.
In my home of Colorado Springs where we receive over 300 days of sunlight a year, this region is a prime candidate for implementing solar energy. Switching to solar energy can also be regulated by the state, bringing job opportunities to the region and revitalizing our local economy. With solar energy we will be able to improve the productivity of our community while conserving the environment. Many residents in my community support renewable energy and I believe that this would be a great region to begin a change in energy supply.
Solar energy can be brought to any home or business in this region. There several residences utilizing this power already, but we can implement this technique across the entire region. “Today, nearly 4,000 people in Haiti power their lights and electronic devices from 15 solar power stations in trailers” (Mechanical Engineering 1). Solar energy is already being implemented successfully throughout the world and this region can take part as well in this progressive way of thinking. Environmental conservation is quickly becoming one of the most pressing social issues facing our world today, and solar energy is the cornersto...

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...nel production is just a small facet of an overall industry that demands contributions from installation technicians, salespeople, battery-storage designers and other key players (Wright 1). Colorado Springs would be able to nearly double its city employed workforce by sending men and women in our community back to work. I believe my community’s economy will continue to benefit now and in the future, if we take a serious approach to a solar transition.

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This region and community is like no other in the world. We have come together in amazing ways to accomplish huge goals. Global conservation is a rapidly expanding field, and has become an issue that can no longer be ignored. The Colorado Springs are is an ideal region to begin utilizing the full effect of solar energy, and I believe this region can play a leading role in powering our future.
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