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The first post-graduation opportunity that I have found and researched about is an internship with the ACT, which is an independent non- profit organization that provides a broad assessment , research , information and program management solutions in areas of education and work force development found in (www.intermatch.com) .The description of this job is to assist the CRM marketing team and gain knowledge about executing marketing campaign , and communicate professionally , efficiently with personal ACT clients. The goals of this internship matches my personal goals because it is allowing to be hands on working with this ACT Company. I like the way that the company will keep me engaged with projects that are being brought to their attention. Being that I am a hands on person and I believe that a summer internship such as this one will prepare me so I would know this is what I would like to pursue in the future. There are no courses needed for this opportunity but I believe that my previous speech courses that I have taken will prepare me for this opportunit...
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