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Every day we witness it on the news, in papers, from our peers… and in every single one of these moments that we come into contact with the word globalization seems to mean something different. So, what is globalization? To begin, globalization can be broken down into three levels: political, economic, and business. At the political and economic level, globalization is the process of denationalization of public markets, political theories and legal systems; simply put, it is the rise of global economy (Garner, Ferdinand & Lawson 312). Numerous international administrations and governmental establishments converse about the ramifications of regulating the regional economies, human welfare and the environment. At a business level, globalization is established when companies determine that they want to engage in the global economy and manifest themselves in international and foreign markets. Looking at our culture today it easy to see that there is no area of American culture that is not affected by the power process of globalization. As Americans we live for the next new great idea or trend. For Example, we have iTunes top 10 causing us to listen to the same music, advertisements in the media, which make our culture eat similar food, and wear the trendiest clothes. Globalization and culture are self-reliant on each other; when one develops the other one does too. Many countries in Europe from about the fifteenth to the twentieth century and also America during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries practiced colonialism, as well as, imperialism. The Oxford Dictionary (2007) defines the theory of colonialism as, “the building and maintaining of colonies in one territory by people from another territory.” The Oxford Dictionary (2007)... ... middle of paper ... ...ething you have to real expectations. In the case of international affairs, the more direct and logical you are the better people are to understand you. While, you need creativity and free thinking to come up with goals, policies, principles, and ways to handle different situations. You more importantly need a plan of action. In international affairs, you have more than one country to worry about or come to a resolution with. It is crucial to base decisions and policies off of the situation, cultural, and economic position of the country. International affairs need to be based off of what is and how it is. It would be absurd to make laws and policies based off of what we “think” is going to happen in the future. However, we still do need an idealist way of thinking for the future because then we have a solution for the present and possible solutions for the future.
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