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Like snowflakes, no two brains are alike. In research, the same theory applies-- No two researchers will tackle a question exactly the same way. Especially in respect to researchers true to the field of interdisciplinary research, where varied disciplines are valued for their contributions. Anderson, Viterna, and Berliner all use qualitative data in very different ways to get their study’s desired outcome. Anderson went about his research in a very intimate form of participant observation. As a dedicated researcher should, he spent most of his days collecting data, which he described as “an immense cache of ephemeral moments” including, “a bunch of random photographs and videos of the street...and little vignettes and descriptions of ordinary days in different places on the blocks”(Anderson, 796). He also followed individuals around with a video camera, allowing him to collect data on average citizens of the block, as opposed to only getting a “feel for the rhythms of life here” (Anderson, 769). Anderson benefits from interdisciplinary research, because he comes from an untraditio...

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