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In today’s world, whether we like it or not, the way something looks matters. Before a building is built someone has to first design, find the cost and make sure that it is even possible to build. If its not its back to the drawing board, they may fix it or compltly restart This is anything from the materals to the size and color. Architects are vital to all aspects of any construction related job in today’s world. Without them the world would be completly different. People might think that there job is unexciting, but in reality it is the complete opposite. When becoming an Architect there are many ways to prep are educationally. It is very benafical to start a young age. A good start for this is high school. Math and English are the most helpful high school classes that one can take, since they will almost certainly be using it every day in their career. This is a good thing because they are essential at most high schools. Another Great class to take is physics, as you will need to know how materials work in the real world. Some more helpful classes include Economics and CAD Drafting if offered in high school. CAD stands for computer aided design. These classes give people wanting to be an Architect a head start in the educational preparation. Becoming an Architect does require an internship with a highly experienced Architect for two years or more before obtaining your degree. This gives future employees some on the job experience before they even have the job they are pursuing. Southern Illinois University, in Carbondale Illinois, has a fantastic Architectural program. The teachers are friendly and care about there students education. Unlike other schools teachers who are only in it for the money. The ... ... middle of paper ... ...ing, but they live with it because it is there job and is what they were trained to do. In the state of Illinois in the year 2010 there were approxamatly 5,001 jobs available. It is estimated that in 2020 that this will increase to 5,961 jobs. This is a dependable job market with a 19.2% increase in jobs in the united states over a ten year period. When a building is being built, just remember that an Architect had to design and make sure that it is possible. Being an Architect is a very rewarding job field. They get to work with different people and every day is a new experence. They have a good chance of finding a job and have great job security. Just about every major city is looking for a good Architect very now and then. Every building is planned out by an Architect before it is built; they decide what the future look of our towns and city will be.

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