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Leslie Groves was a military colonel promoted general during the Manhattan project, and he was the director of the Manhattan project and appointed Robert Oppenheimer to be the lead of the Los Alamos national laboratory. Leslie Groves was born on August 17, 1896 in Albany, New York. His life was heavily connected to the Military and even oversaw the construction of the Pentagon military base. He also appointed a committee to compute the best target on which to use the atomic bomb.

Oppenheimer was very skilled at creating and maintaining a setting in which the scientists could work without the feeling of being under government guard at all times. The Los Alamos camp was beautiful and blended into nature and was like a normal town. The scientist’s families and children were allowed to visit. Life at Los Alamos was normal except for the fact that scientists were driven to work for hours on end on the project of the atomic bomb. Scientist Enrico Fermi was the scientists that helped pioneer the workaholic mood at Los Alamos.

Robert Oppenheimer was very eager to listen to the needs of...

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