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John F. Kennedy annual message to congress (1963, January 14)
In his key note address to congress, J.F. Kennedy appreciates the hard work of the American people that had resulted to the prosperity of America. He noted that the US was prospering over the previous months and opportunities were expanding. The economy had resulted to over one million jobs in just less than 2 years and even the working hours had increased to 40 hours from 35 that had been as a result of the recession.
The president also promised to overhaul the tax system which was becoming obsolete and as the president put it, while it was designed to check inflation, it was now working to check growth instead. On the youth, the president promised to invest in the youth, since the future of the country depended on the wisdom of his people as he noted.
On security, the president appreciated that the county had invested a lot in security apparatus and especially space equipment. He noted that this was necessary since the US had the responsibility to watch over the world’s security.
Other issues of importance are economic growth as well as international relations where the president notes the increasing influence of the communist china and the Soviet Union.
Ronald Reagan, 1
Reagan notes that the economy is doing okay, adding almost 9 million jobs to the employment equation. The union is also very strong during this period.
The president notes that the federal budget needs to be reduced, mainly because the people are much taxed and need to have something for their pocket. The wastages of tax dollars needed to be changed. The president noted that the federal tax system needed to be changed as it was not adequate to address the US revenue targets. Tax reductions also for...

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...ology. The president is faced with a myriad of challenges such as oppositions from the republicans which had threatened to shut down government business after they refused to authorize increased government borrowing.
The US is also facing many challenges such as environmental challenges, the infamous Obama care, declining confidence levels of the US citizens and a host of other challenges.
CNN Felt that Obama speech was great, however, according to CNN online, Obama speech was laced with too many ‘to do’ issues which should by now have been addressed.’ Reducing unemployment levels as well as global insecurity and terrorism threats need to take a front law’.CNN.
BBC news online reported that Obamas speech is full of ‘action 2014’ activities. What the reporter wonders is what the president will do differently, given that he has already done 4 years of his first term.

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