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1. Tom in The Glass Menagerie leaves -- his home, sister and mother -- and goes into the Union of Merchant Seaman. Tome following in his father’s footsteps joins the merchant seamen because he has a dream, a dream to travel the world, not travel through the movies he watches but in real life. Tom wants to fully escape from Louisiana not just the terrace where there is a constant pesters from his mother Amanda. Much is not said about what happens to Laura in the end, but the ending leads us to believe that she continues on with her life, being in love with someone she cannot have – Jim O’Connor. Laura will also continue into what is normal for her with her glass figurines. While she lives with her mother Amanda. Amanda – the mother – also has little said about her after Tom leaves. Amanda most likely falls deeper into a bitter personality blaming all of her and Laura’s life problems on the total abandonment of her husband and her son Tom.
2. There are many connections that writer Tennessee Williams had with the character Tom in his play The Glass Menagerie. One major connection between Tom and Tennessee is that both men were predominantly raised by their mothers with a trouble/no relationship with their fathers. Tennessee’s father was a busy salesman who did not have time to parent a son while working and Tom’s father left their family to join the Union of Merchant Seaman, both fathers would leave their sons for long periods of time to peruse what they wanted. Additional similarities between these Tennessee and Tom would be their love to write and their hatred for their jobs, Tom as a warehouse worker and Tennessee as a Shoe Sales Clerk. Throughout the play it is implied that Tom would like to become a writer, from the men at t...

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... Glass Menagerie of freedom and confinement. This is shown through all of the characters in their own ways through their own problems.
10. If I had been in Tom’s situation I think that I would have reacted in the same ways that Tom did. I would not want to stay in a situation where I was constantly badgered about how I ate and how I spend my free time and money. I would also leave at nights to go places like the movies and dream about what my life would be like if I did not have to live in the situation I am living in now. One choice differently I would make that Tom made would be to join the Union of Merchant Seaman. I would have just left my home after saving up from my job and travel the world staying where I could and doing whatever came my way. Basically I would rather have made the choice to become nomadic then join the Union of Merchant Seaman like Tom did.

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