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Towards the end of the Cold War, there were two super powers that kept each other in check. The United States, and the Soviet Union were for the most part, world policy creators, each with their fingers in multiple cookie jars around the world. Due to the Soviet Union’s interests in the Middle East, specifically Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya, to the United States, relationship with Israel, and Saudi Arabia, business was “good” for the Middle East. Towards the decline of the Soviet Union, the interests of the once world power, began to be withdrawn from its various interests, now focus on itself internally. This did not only include the Middle East, it also included its own border territories that had been enveloped by the Communist country.
Like current day US foreign policy, the Soviet Union provided aid to many countries it deemed to be within its best interest. As the ruble declined in value, and the vast resource start to become scarce, these supported countries are left fending for themselves. The satellite states of the Eastern Bloc felt the recessive effects as the Kremlin pulled away as a latch ditch effort to save itself. The result of this abandonment, left these states fending for themselves for the first time in a century, with no true economy, they sought aid from neighbors. Unfortunately, the majority of them were in the same bind as the next. Much of the aid these states ended up receiving was from the West, a power that many of those that resided in these states wanted nothing to do with.
As the Cold War officially ended, and with break of the Soviet Union in the Russian Federation, these states that were abandoned are still left to fend for themselves. Russian is focused on rebuilding its own infrastructure. Fac...

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...loc, and the Middle East. Coupled with the West foreign polices of a universal democratic systems, and the support provided for the enemies of Islam, caused an increase of hatred towards the West and its allies. This made the US a prime target for a terrorist attack as we saw with the bombing of the USS Cole, and the atrocities of September, 11th. Unfortunately, the war on terrorism is a never ending battle. Those that commit these acts see it as something else other than terror. Be it a message, or revolt, the attacker will always believe in their cause. The unfortunate part of it is, as the terrorists spread their fear, precautions are taken by those effected. These precautions tend to conflict with day to fay lives of some. Regardless of the act committed, the effects last forever. This is the age of terrorism after the Cold War, and the fall of the Soviet Union.

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