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Identify and describe an analogy or allusion in this novel. How does the use of analogy or allusion contribute to the tone and mood of the novel? How does the use of this analogy or allusion help you understand the character better? Be specific and use examples.

Mention of a book in chapter one that tells you LOTS about the character who is reading it. World Series. Mob business.

The lack of God is in the Green Light, and Eckleburg's Eyes.

Spending tons of money gives the illusion of success and happiness to his neighbors in West Egg. It is all fake and no amount of money can buy what he ultimately needs to achieve his 'dream': Daisy.

Prove that each is a complex symbol by using examples from the novel.

Valley of Ashes-Desolation, hopelessness, dreary, poverty or no hope for the American Dream:

The valley of Ashes symbolizes no hope for the American Dream everyone there has no money at all versus the Eggs. It is a place that is dark dreary and full of sin. “The valley of ashes is bounded on one side by a small foul river, and, when the drawbridge is up to let barges t...

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