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Every person has a choice. Choice is present in this novel by the characters dynamic and static characteristics and how they flux and flow with each other. “’Don’t make the same mistake I did, Magdalena,’ she said. ‘Don’t ruin your life, mija.’… ‘Your father and I ran off together when I was sixteen. You were already big in my belly.’…’Don’t make the same mistake I did, that’s all I have to say.’…’You don’t tell me what to do,’…’I’m not telling you what to do!’” (Martinez 104-5), Magda has a choice to either end up like her mother by following the same path as her mother but she still uses choice to decide she still would date her boyfriend, which lead her to pregnancy, miscarriage, and illness. Learning that everybody has a choice to what they are doing with their life, I understand that if I want to succeed and to be great then I have to make the right decisions because everybody has their own set of good and bad choices. This understanding can tell society to stop feeling bad for their selves and to get out of their personal darkness that our society is stuck in. Everybody has a choice and our society needs to understand that life is not a crystal stair and that we must make the best choices for ourselves even it is the hardest choice.
You can’t build a relationship based on lies. Throughout the novel Manny’s memoirs highlighted his family’s relationships. Lots of lies, sneaking, and deceitfulness was shown in the characters actions and dialogue. “Pedi’s eyes narrowed keen with suspicion. ‘You’re lying, ain’t you?’ she said… ‘Yeah you’re a liar. A big fat gordo liar… she bulldozed the domino house to rubble. ‘Now, what did you do that for?!’ I said… ‘Because you’re a liar!’” (Martinez 96-7), even the baby girl has distrust t...

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...p of the gavachos. Manny experiences discrimination when a school worker forced Manny to read a paper to test if he spoke English and threw a folder disrespectfully to Manny. This has taught me that I should never judge a person by their home, family, gender, sexuality, race, religion, social groups, hobbies, interests, and appearance. Society can learn from this because if we all put our egos down, we can see that everybody is still human and we all bleed red. Most of the violence and wars of the world are caused by racism, ethnocentrism, or religion and it is causing senseless death just because somebody is just a little different. People are more than a label and if we can learn to put down our prejudice we can see that being different is being normal.

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