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Movie Analysis: Hotel Rwanda I rememeber learning in philosophy about Kant's idea of wickedness, corruption and perversity of the human heart. There was evidence that the human heart unfortunantrly is not encountered onlyin memory, that it is only met with our current day to day experiances. Eveyday we are obliged to being witness to atrocities wheter they be ethic, racial and unforutnatly some seek to express thmeselves through the distruction and overall annihliation of their “enemies.” After freshening up on my prior knowledge I felt that I could incorapte this idea to the Rwandian Genocide. During class we brought up the concept of group thinking, leaving people with a mob mentality. This lead me to thinking of something Freud once said about people in a group situation. ‘the individual gives up his egoideal and substitutes for it the group ideal as embodied in the leader’ which leads us to a continuation of his thought that other people as well are ‘carried away with the rest by‘suggestion’. I feel like this is true in many cases, people become sheep and flock to the nearest ...

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