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A poem can arouse all of the senses, and the subject matter of a poem can range from being humorous to being depressing. The sentiments in the words are simple yet profound. Poetry conveys a message to all- that which is simpler may indeed be stronger than that which is attractive and enchanting, but unreliable in its beauty and fascination. These literary works give rise to special intensity to given expressions of feelings and the ideas behind them by using distinctive style and rhythm. They are an art form in which human language is used for aesthetic qualities by convening emotions or ideas to the reader through use of compression, and word association with imagery. The collaboration of all these effects and layers, generate meaning and is what marks poetry. Because the nature of poetry it is notoriously difficult to interrupt its meaning because of the shades of meaning each reader hears, for this reason poetry has no definitive interpretation. I really enjoy poetry because of its loose interpretation and colorful langue, a great example of this is shown in A Martian Sends a Postcard Home by Craig Raine (pgs. 583-584). It is poem full of symbolism, which the author uses to attract the reader’s attention. Colorful and whimsical metaphors comprise the entire poem, which describe usual and habitual things that surround us in our everyday lives. It requires the reader to use imagination in order to “guess” what the author means under certain metaphors of his poem. Raine describes our reality through the eyes of an alien, who does not know the names of the things and their functions. Everything we read about in the poem is notable, the author treats all things described like objects, which possess thoughts and feelings, includin... ... middle of paper ... ...a much more complex scheme. Line 2 demonstrates that Heaven (blissful and joyous), with the comparison of a wild flower. Something a small part of creation a wild flower is grand in that experiencing and becoming “one with it” brings us closer to a higher state of being “God”. Infinity and Eternity are expressed in lines 3 and 4. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour (3-4) Infinity and Eternity both lie outside the realms of Time and in these lines it supersedes the lines before them by an account of the feeling we have when we have moved into the Timeless moment. This is summed up because it can only be known and experienced in that space heaven and earth in a grain of sand. These to poems account for the greater meaning behind words and their use for me. By validating that words do not only hold one value and are open to interpretation.

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