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Most of our lives consist of interacting and socializing with others, which consists of beginning new relationships and strengthening old ones. Love is everywhere; it is all around us, provided in different categories such as parental also known as family love, and "romantic love," between two individuals. Different kinds of love are experienced in specific ways; therefore each has to be approached in a particular way. However, all of them share one common quality that they are unpredicted, unplanned, and unexpected. This is what gives love its quality that everyone craves for. Different poets relate to distinct kinds of love in different ways. The greater intensity of feeling will lead to the greater fear of losing which in other words mean that the more you love someone, the more worries and fear you have in losing them. The poems that contain parental and familial love are ‘Poem at Thirty-Nine’-Alice Walker, ‘Mother in refugee camp’-Chinua Achebe, ‘Do not go gentle in that good night’-Dylan Thomas, ‘Piano’- D.H. Lawrence and ‘Remember’-Christina Rossetti. The other three poems that focus more on the romantic love between two individuals are ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci. A Ballad.’-John Keats, ‘My last Duchess Ferrara’-Robert Browning, and ‘Sonnet 116 ‘Let me not to the marriage of true minds’-William Shakespeare. Each poet portrays each kind of love with different techniques. The effect of death on different individuals can differ greatly. Some may choose to obtain pleasure from the unpleasant memories of the loss of a loved one, some may see death as an indication to love more, and some may even elect to avoid facing the bitter truth that death displays. In ‘Poem at Thirty-Nine’-Alice Walker explores the warmth of a parental r... ... middle of paper ... ...ferring to his wife as, ‘My Last Duchess’. The Duke uses the possessive pronoun ‘My’ which shows that the Duke does not want anyone else to enjoy his wife’s company and he wants her all to himself. He does not care about what his wife thinks or how she feels; he just does what he desires and ignores her rights as he takes advantage of her and turns love into a political match. There is little love present in this poem as it seemed more as if their relationship was due to the wealth of two families. Whereas for the poem ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ it is different from ‘My last Duchess Ferrara’ as now the woman is in total control of the man. In ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ it is more of a romantic love as the man has fallen deeply in love with the woman, however in the poem ‘My last Duchess’ it is more of a relationship between a husband and wife where love was absent.

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