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When scholars talk about refugees, they want to accumulate attention into living conditions, daily supplies and native creeds; when adults discuss about refugees, they mention a lot of conflicts of poorness, hunger and disabilities; when students study about refugee, they realize this word, refugee, has a bunch of meanings in regions, races, and believes. The age of talking verifies the word of thinking, the way of treating determines the behavior of caring, and the time of traveling gives the need of understanding. A person flees, seeks, and looks to a safe place of living, setting up a new line of equal treatment and calling him or her a refugee. Intending to either stay or move, refugees need to face in front of physical and mental pressure, and decide where they should go. Many conflicts among wars, gender discrimination, hunger, and disabilities aggravate with distributed works in words, hands, and thoughts. Children, women, and disable elderly those who have chosen to leave their communities are unable to sustain the lives in communicating and understanding. They, Zimbabweans, lived in between heaven and hell, were suffering from homelessness and neglect. Considering many causes that Zimbabweans refugees have continually increasing, Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in Africa, grows even more problems among political, economic, and social orientation that plague many Zimbabweans with health, poverty, and hunger. In the Beginning of twentieth century, a complex relationship with local government, minorities of Zimbabweans shared powers in purpose of reforming land were not responded from their country, but disordered rights for people. Parties in presidential choice held political violent against each other on 2008, and violated... ... middle of paper ... ...re has disease, the government sends medical teams to the camps where there are no enough medicines. To control the organization and mobilization ability of the government is more important than the material assistance. The government tries to coöperate with the international organization for help than closing its door. One other effective way is promoting the public protection for refugees. When people are well mentally educated and physically healthy, many will take significant steps to safeguard themselves and keep away from harmful diseases and bias. In general, refugees have rights to choose and receive legal protections in either mental or physical care. But facing declined camp developing, the international organizations, such as World Bank, UN, and UNHCR, should get involved in doing things like donating food, clothing, building camps, and providing services.

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