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Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controling in Airline Industry-
Air France

The managers are the key element of an organization. In this dynamic and rapidly changing environment, the role of managers has become quite challenging. The management of an organization is a very complex and compound action. The management process in quite unpredictable. The managers of this era must possess a set of skills ability, knowledge, talent and ability. Making the right decision is intricate and difficult even for the most effective and knowledgeable managers. This dynamic era has proved that the management role are now very challenging. The managers must also understand the flow of the management functions ‘Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling’ and integrate them in their organization.
The airline business is quite complex as it has to deals with a number of flights, thousands of travellers and their belongings, the time of flights landing and departure and the satisfaction of their employees as well as the customers. In order to achieve maximum performance for this business, it is important for the managers to employ the management functions in a careful manner. The managers must also understand the need of integration of this function for the best utilization of the resources.
The paper describes the significance of the management role in this era. The functions of management propose by Fayol are also discussed. The importance of the integration of the functions with each other in the organization is described. To better explain the importance of integration process an example of an airline business is also discussed.

Managers are the individuals of an organization that have the responsibility of admin...

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...ved cargo services in about 93 countries and 168 destinations in 2013. The global hub of the airline is at the Gaulle Airport. The corporate headquarters of Air France, which was earlier at Montparnasse in Paris, are now located in the north of Paris on the Charles de Gaulle Airport ground.
Air France was originated from the merger of a number of airlines in 1933 on the 7 October. Air France has now obtained the operations of the French Flag Carrier, International Rival UTA-Union des Transports Aeriens and Air Inter in 1990.
Air France has been operating through a combined fleet of Boeing and Airbus for its routes of destinations. For the long hauled routes, Air France uses wide bodied Jets of Boeing on long routes and Air Bus family aircraft for short routes. In 2004, Air France was ranked in terms of the operational activity as the largest Airline.
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