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Personalities The crack of the stairs woke the mother up. Quickly she grabbed her gown and paced downstairs. When she turned on the light to her surprise were her two daughters dressed and ready to go. With a stunned face they both turned and immediately they knew they were grounder for life. The youngest, Belen, cried filled with remorse begging for her mother’s forgiveness. The oldest, Esmeralda; stood still, with her head high in the air, and no tears in her eyes. How is that two sisters who grew up in the same home with the same love react differently to their mother’s punishment? The two sisters might have lived together, ate together, and played together but those two sisters had different personalities. Personality is defined as an individual’s unique and relatively consistent pattern of thinking, feeling, and behavior (Hockenbury, 2014). There are various theories that try to explain why people have certain personalities or why they act different ways. Those theories can be grouped into four prospective groups; psychoanalytic, humanist, social cognitive, and trait prospective. Many test exist to asses a person’s personality and have benefits as well as downfalls (Hockenbury, 2014).. Many theories have been introduced to the study of personalities. Albert Bandura developed the social cognitive theory. This theory emphasized the social origins of thought and actions but also stresses active cognitive process and the human capacity of self-regulation. Many parents will believe in this theory. Parents will conclude their child’s behavior by who or what is around them. For example when a child dances a certain way that child might have be reflecting that dance from someone he or she saw. The trait theory identifies, describes... ... middle of paper ... ... by two examiners chances are they will not have the same results. The two sisters who were caught sneaking out of their homes were both punished differently. The youngest was punished with her mother’s silence. Belen’s personality made her feel guilt as her mother ignored her every time she tried speaking to her. The oldest on the other hand needed more than just the silent treatment, her mother took away her television privileges and her time alone in her room. Their mother knew how to asses each of her daughter’s personalities and what was going to make them learn a lesson. Each personality is different and identifies how a person is going to react to different situations. Belen and Esmeralda grew up in the same home but have absorbed their mothers teaching differently and therefore that is why they have different personalities. Works Cited Hockenbury, 2014

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