physical fitness of paraplegia

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Have you ever seen physical disabilities before? Indeed, physical disabilities are not unfamiliar in Hong Kong, even in the world. Among of these disabilities, people with paraplegia are the target group that I wanted to find out how physical fitness can help them to improve their quality of life. Since they need to confined to a wheelchair every day, they may meet many challenges in daily life such as up the ramp, get on the vehicles and go to toilet etc. To across the challenges, good physical fitness is necessary. Although some of paraplegic may have somebody to take care them such as family members, friends and care-giver, they may not need to find some way to meet the challenges immediately. However, they own their life, no one can take care them for a lifetime. Therefore, self-care is an importance task for them.

Paraplegia, which is caused by the damage to the spinal cord due to trauma or disease which results in either temporary or permanent loss of motor, sensory and autonomic functions which resulting in complete paralysis or partial paralysis of the lower half of the body.

Physical fitness is health-related fitness, which include five parts, which are muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and body composition. Muscle strength is the maximum force that produce by the muscle. Muscle endurance is the ability of muscle to perform a certain of movement without fatigue. Flexibility is include range of motion, ability of soft tissue elongated and availability of joint movement. Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of cardiovascular system on performance a certain activity or gaseous exchange. Body composition is the relative percentage of lean mass to fatty tissue.

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... of weight while sitting, trunk rotation, upper limb joint mobilization and muscle strengthening.

There are some precautions for paraplegic when doing exercises. First, avoid exercise alone. Your partner can assist you when you needed any help. Besides, wearing comfortable clothing for move freely in exercise. Moreover, do exercise in open area and clear all the obstacles to prevent accidents occur. Also, do warm up and cool down exercises before and after doing exercises respectively to prevent sport injury. Nevertheless, drink plenty of water after the exercises to prevent dehydrated.

In conclusion, people suffering from paraplegia is not the end of life. If they have good physical fitness, they can still push the wheelchair to go everywhere, play sports, do voluntary work and meet the challenges in activities of daily life. They will still have meaningful life.

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