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As Christians today we are faced with many ethical issues living in our society. Every time we turn on the TV to watch the news, pick up a newspaper and read the headlines, or read a magazine about world issues we can see situations happening in this world that challenge our morals and ethics. It is our duty as Christians to know what we believe and where we stand so we can back up our beliefs and try to interact with this world as morally correct as possible. There are some situations that we have no control over that appear ethically wrong to us and there is not much we can do if anything at all. At the same time there are things that we can do to try and reach people in some situations. It is our job to know the difference and stand up where we can but not force our own morals and ethical principles on everyone we come in contact with.
One issue that is very prevalent in the world today and all through out the history or the earth is the issue or war and combatancy. Now as Christians we know the bible says, “Thou shall not kill,” but is this issue really that simple? If we just took that stance and said that as Christians we shouldn’t go to war then our country and the world we live in would suffer. Let me get something straight right now before I go into this topic, I do not like war; I think it is an ugly thing, and I wish there would not be any more wars on this earth for the rest of its existence. But the fact of the matter is that there is war, there always was war and there will always be war until the second coming of Jesus Christ. War has become a way of life, it was not God’s original plan, but because of the entrance of sin into our universe, war was created. The first war we know of was a war in heaven between Satan and his angles and Jesus and His angels. All throughout the old testament we see the Israelites, God’s people, lead by God, going to war to obtain the land that God had promised to them. War is real and has become a necessity.
Just because war is here does not mean that it is an ok thing to do. War came about as a result of sin; with the beginning of sin there was the beginning of war. War has become a necessary means to get by in a sinful world. To protect the peace and the free way of living that we enjoy here in America, sometimes, we must go to war. As members of socie...

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...o many people told them when they were growing up that they shouldn’t do it. You see, it’s not so much that they like it but they were just told not to do these things, so they did them. We have to inform people and let them make their own decisions; we cannot just force our opinions on them, and that never works. This is the same for all of our views as Christians. It does not just stop with health but it extends into our entire way of life. We must live our lives as examples for all to see.
As you see in all these issues we, as Christians, must take stands on what we believe is right, but we should not force our opinions and beliefs on others. This is what everything boils down to. God gave us the gift of choice, and this is something he gave everyone. As Christians we are called to try to lead people to God and his work not to force them. If they want to come to him that is a personal decision, all we can do is help them along, not push them. The best way to help someone is to show him or her by example. If we set good examples for other people in all the ways mentioned in this paper then we can begin to reach other people and help them to change.
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