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My past research experience was exciting to be a part of. My colleagues and I chose to study the different reactions to a small random act of kindness. My group and I decided to conduct the random act of kindness at our local college. We thought the hallway by the cafeteria, was a great spot to conduct our experiment. The results concluded were different then what I expected. The results of my experiment were fascinating. For instance, when one of my colleagues attempted to hand out the flowers to a woman wearing black shirt and pants the woman became annoyed. I would have expected the flowers to brighten the woman’s day and for the woman to smile and say thank you. Another outcome that surprised me was one of the males that another one of my colleagues handed the flowers too. He had tried to pay it forward. He tried to hand them to a girl in the cafeteria, but she denied them. A worker in the cafeteria suggested giving them to his girlfriend, but he stated, “Explaining the flowers to his girlfriend may become discomforting.” The cafeteria worker took the flowers and displayed them in the cafeteria. My own experience of handing out the flowers was satisfying. The man I attempted to hand the flowers to started to rejected the flowers. He rejected the flowers, because did not have anywhere to put the flowers. I soon convinced him to take the flowers in an attempt to pay it forward and brighten someone else day. Since, I was able to offer a solution to his problem. He became accepting of the flowers and I gave them to him. This research project really brightened my day and it was intriguing in seeing the different reactions in different people. It was also appealing in watching the people that were watching us hand out the flowers.... ... middle of paper ... ...and help the people of this society through their own daily life struggles from day to day. My career goals are to become a licensed psychologist and work in a school, community center, or an organization. One organization I would like to work for is the Y.W.C.A., which stands for young women committed to action. They help women, men, and children escape abusers, find shelter, and hopefully stay away and stay safe. I would like to work with the children in these situations. I would like to be the person that teaches the children what to do if the abuser finds them, or if the victim returns to the abuser, with the child. I want to teach the children how to be safe and get over their own fear. Therefore, my interests are strong in family, children, and adolescent dynamics. Any organization that helps people is the type of organization I am looking forward to joining.

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