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My long-term career goal is to establish my own data analytics company that specializes in applying advanced analytics tools to solving complex real-world problems. Having worked as a financial analytics analyst for more than 6 months at Enova Financial, a Chicago-based consumer online financing firm, my passion towards data analytics grew stronger. Ranging from basic data query and reporting to predictive modeling and optimization, data analytics has played an important role in today’s world. Since personal loan is only a niche within the financial industry, I would like to broaden my horizon of data analytics to meet my long-term goal. Entering a full-time master program in statistics at Stanford University, where I can learn the principles and applications of advanced statistical methods in data analytics, such as machine learning, data structure and computational algorithm, therefore becomes the best option for me.
I believe my college and work experiences have well prepared me for this competitive program. At Northwestern University, I took extensive quantitative courses in Applied Mathematics and Industrial Engineering. These two majors have equipped me with a solid background in mathematical modeling, statistics, and computer programming. I also took MBA-level classes as part of the Kellogg Certificate Program for Undergraduates in Managerial Analytics, which have helped me develop necessary tools for the analytical work after graduation. Beyond taking classes, I came up with an original research idea, which centered on the motion of Boids, which means a flock of birds. For this project, I used Matlab to build a simulation model to capture the dynamic interactions between birds and their predator in 2-dimensional space—how...

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...ideal preparation for my career because of its emphasis on statistical theories and applications as well as the strong entrepreneurial culture. In addition to the bright and inspiring peer students at Stanford, the close personal attention from academic advisors will also be invaluable to my personal growth. I am particularly interested in taking the Data Science track for my graduate studies for its comprehensive and rigorous courses offered in mathematics, statistics and computer science, which are essential to my future career.
I believe the quantitative skills that I have acquired and honed from my past experiences could bring me a unique perspective on my graduate studies. At Stanford University, I would like to further develop my statistical knowledge and skills so I could ultimately prepare myself for the long-term challenges in the field of data analytics.

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