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The nursing practice is governed by a wide range of ethical standards that regulate the behaviour and performance of the practitioners in this field. Being a delicate profession, personal morals and virtues influence the behaviour of the practitioners at various levels. On various occasions, health professionals are faced with ethical dilemmas that require critical decision making to arrive at a resolution that conforms to the standards that govern this profession. Therefore, all practitioners should be armed to face numerous challenges within their experience in nursing practise and be equipped with strategies to work out quick solutions to these challenges.
In my nursing experience, there are various personal, cultural and spiritual values that contribute to my worldview and philosophy in nursing. From a personal point of view, every person is obliged to take care of the community in different perspectives. As such, every person has an obligation of care towards others and this care should be extended to nursing. When the client who under our care are suffering, it is a our responsibility to alleviate their suffering (The President’s Council on Bioethics, n.d.). In my culture, responsibility begins from the family level. Every person acts as a caretaker of the other in various capacities. For instance, when a member of the family is sick, one must extend hospitality to them by feeding them and providing comfort. These principles help me to embrace my responsibility to extend my service to those who are in need of nursing services. In reality, I see my career as part of the fulfilment of my cultural responsibilities.
In nursing practice, values, morals and ethics play a vital role in what one perceives as right or wrong in t...

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...s necessary to arrive at an amicable situational judgement. For instance, while offering services to a patient, at times a prognosis may cause harm to the patient but they have the right to know the truth. Telling them the truth may cause panic or even their withdrawal and lying is morally wrong. The nurse here will face the dilemma of telling the patient the truth or lying. In this situation, I prefer the medical team tells the true to the patent even though it is painful for the patent to know about it. By doing this, we are not only respect the patient’s right but also increase the patient’s compliance to the treatment because we acquire the patient’s trust.
Knowing how to best resolve difficult moral and ethical dilemmas is never easy. In the moments of facing a dilemma, it is crucial to apply rational thinking to find the best course of actions in practice.
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