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My hobby could be considered a job because I do it five times a week for at least two hour each time. My hobby is the most popular sport in the world and to me is the most enjoyable. My hobby is playing soccer. Soccer requires a lot of skill, mental, and physical ability. Soccer provides an escape for me, where I can forget about problems and just have fun. When I begin to play I become a different person. I turn into a leader who isn’t afraid to voice their option. Most of my philosophy comes from playing soccer. It has helped me become a more accepting person.
I started playing soccer in my sophomore year in high school. Prior to playing in high school, I have never played soccer or even gave it much interest. During my practices, I became more familiar with the game. I started to work really hard at improving my skills. Before I knew it, I was starting varsity and took the spot from a senior who was playing all his life. Since then, I have feel in love with soccer. I now play indoor, outdoor, and futsal soccer five times a week.
Soccer requires skill, physical ability, and mental strength. I was fortunate enough to have been born with a family who is passionate about soccer. My father and mother both played soccer throughout their younger lives. My father played for professional teams in Honduras and even had a chance to play for the Honduras national team until he quit soccer and took up running. I believe that my skill comes from my genes. Skill is needed to play soccer because I have seen players who have played all their lives but struggle to improve. Skill, in my opinion is the most important aspect a player needs to have because skill helps a player improve.
Along with skill, soccer requires physical ability. One ...

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...ender, and even different sexual preferences. I have learned to look over all that stuff and focus on that person. I had teammates that I would never talk to in a million years because of the way they look or the way they act, only to find out that they person wasn’t so bad.
I enjoy playing soccer and I hope to continue playing for the rest of my life. It’s a fun sport that requires skill, and mental and physical strength. Soccer helps me escape reality and forget about problems. For some reason, I turn into a different person when I play. I become a person who isn’t shy to voice their opinion and bosses everyone around. I have learned to become a lot more accepting of others because of soccer. I only wish that everyone played soccer cause then everyone would be peaceful and more accepting of others. We could have a perfect world if everyone picked up my hobby.
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