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Have you as a parent ever wondered if media has an effect on your child’s behavior? Media may possible have a greater influence on a child’s life than a parent has. Many parents do not see how media, especially television shows, television commercials, and video games can influence the behavior of their children. The truth is that media plays a huge role in the lives of your youth. Media can influence everything from behavior, taste in music, and physical appearance. All of these aspects are affected by media can determine if a child will grow up into a productive individual or into a dangerous individual to themselves and other around them. The popular saying “Monkey See, Monkey Do” may be true when it comes down to the things many children see on the media as they try to mimic them. The media has a lot of bad a and good content but it is up to the parents to determine which and how much of the content their children will experience. Parents are the most important persons who are capable enough to prevent and stop the media from influencing their children’s lives. The easy access of the media to the public has created a bigger problem. We live in a world completely surrounded and made up by the media. Everywhere you look, there is a chance media is involved. Everything from the color of the inside of a supermarket to the music played in public restroom. They were all design and established to have an influence in your life. If media can have such a huge impact on an adult’s life just imagine the influence it has on a child’s life and behavior. Media can be displayed nearly anywhere. Children are especially vulnerable because they may not be aware that what they are seeing is bad for there. It is true that many children and teenag... ... middle of paper ... ...d by the media both in a negative and positive way, but it is the parents’ job to determine in which way their children will be influenced. The parents are the only person capable of preventing the media from influencing their children. This can be a very difficult task because in our modern culture many parents rely on television as a form a babysitter or distraction for their kids. Parents should try to limit the amount of time children spend watching television and surfing the Internet. Parents add restrictions on the content their children can have access to on both the Internet and television. However, the best way to prevent the media from influencing children in a negative way is by teaching children about the consequences of their acts and about the differences between fiction and reality. Lets turn the negative media into something beneficial for our youth.
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