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The History of Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson can easily be called one of the greatest musicians the world has ever seen. He had his hand in music, dance, movies, fashion, directing, writing, and many other aspects of entertainment. His influence on modern day arts has reached every corner of the world. Michael’s talents were original and brought a new look to music, dance, and directing. He has won over 730 awards, including 13 Grammys and 100 RIAA awards. He is the most awarded, most nominated and most downloaded artist in history. The passion and flair shown through his works has inspired some of the biggest names in Hollywood from hip-hop, to pop, to R&B, and rock.
Michael was born on August 8th, 1958 to Katherine Scruse and Joseph Jackson in Gary, Indiana. He was the 8th of a total of 10 children (Wikipedia). He was the sibling of 4 other huge stars, Janet Jackson, LaToya Jackson, Jermaine Jackson and Tito Jackson.
Though Jackson was a huge childhood star, the face of the Jackson 5, he suffered from a lonely, hostile childhood. His father, Joe, admitted to verbal abuse, such as going as far as calling Michael “fat nose”, which led him to his many plastic surgeries later in life (Wikipedia). His father also admitted to excessively beating Michael during his incessant practices. Although this torment caused Michael great pain, such as chronic sleep problems and nightmares, he still accredits his father’s strict discipline as a defining role in his success (Wikipedia).
In 1965, Michael began singing along with his brother in the newly named “Jackson 5”, a group formed by their father. In 1966, the group won a talent show, Jackson performing James Brown’s “I Got You” (Wikipedia). After winning the Apollo in 1967, they began ...

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...argholi. His children spoke and Queen Latifah read a poem by Maya Angelou. Reverend Al Sharpton said, speaking to the children, “Wasn't nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with. But he dealt with it anyway” (Wikipedia).
Michael continued to be an all-star artist, selling 35 million records worldwide for 12 months after his death. His net-worth as of 2014 is $600 million. Michael Jackson was an icon, an idol, and an inspiration. Even through the drivel, accusations and torment that adorned his life, he persevered and showed his strength through his music. It set precedents that many aim to emulate. He set records with his music, and revolutionized the world. His ideas were things before our time. He was a prodigy from the time he first sung into a mic. He and his talents are greatly admired; he is, and will be, sorely missed.
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