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The Mojave Desert in California is dry, hot, and flat and is nowhere as beautiful as other parts of the state of California. Except, it has an unusual view when viewed from the top of the San Jacinto Mountains because it is home to one of the largest wind farms in the state producing wind energy along with the other four wind farms (Hull, 2013). For some, wind energy is one way to produce electricity naturally using wind with the hopes of reducing gases to slow down what many say is Global Warming. By understanding how wind has been a source of energy for centuries, its current usage in the world, and future projections for the future, one can understand this evolving alternative to current energy sources. History Inventor Saul Griffith a proponent for wind energy explains that wind usage is not new and was used by the Chinese military in the 400-500 A.D. specifically to carry men in battle (Griffith, speaker, 2009) (Ray, 2004). Mr. Griffith continues with that in the 20s, kites were used to pull buggies. And, one of the most powerful ways wind was used was for air travel with the W...

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