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Occupational Therapy focuses on individuals who are seeking to recuperate from physical, mental, or developmental disabilities. The practitioners of Occupational Therapy, otherwise known as OT’s, specialize in improving the daily lives of others by helping to regain, adapt, or develop client’s activities (“About Occupational Therapy,” n.d.). The most effective OT’s serve a diverse population and utilize an understanding of sport and exercise concepts to provide effective care. Concepts that are especially pertinent to Occupational Therapists are the use of constructive criticism, empathy, and proxemics. Through the use of these concepts, Occupational Therapy can be further examined and possible improvements in the field can be made.
Feedback comes in many different forms and will first be examined to better understand Occupational Therapists and how they can best serve in their profession. Feedback is the positive and negative information that relates to a task and that is communicated by a significant other. The information that is received affects perceived competence and intrinsic motivation of the performer (Weinberg & Gould, 2011). Effectively utilizing feedback in most profession will help the process of increasing production and the quality of work that is being performed. For example, in a health related field, practitioners need to know how to properly give feedback for their intended outcomes to be obtained. If they are not able to, coworkers and clients will have a difficult time comprehending the changes that need to be made to reach optimal performance.
Although feedback can be divided into many subcategories, one of the most effective forms of feedback, if used correctly, is constructive criticism. Constructive cri...

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... constructive criticism, empathy, and proxemics are particularly pertinent to anyone who is seeking to improve their professional career. Communication is especially important as an Occupational Therapist who is seeking to create meaning relationships with clients, their family members, caregivers, and coworkers. In my future career as an OT it will be beneficial to remember that constructive criticism is not always the best form of communication, but can be a great tool to effectively portray feedback to an individual. Also, it should be remembered that empathy is a trait that can be enhanced through mindfulness training and that everyone is deserving of the same care no matter what their diagnoses. Finally, the nonverbal concept of proxemics should be kept in mind so that communication and therapy sessions can be fully optimized with the help of body positioning.
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