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Dear, future Bhiksunī I am writing this to the women who have been mistreated and need guidance in their life. You do have a greater role in life, strive to live your life in a meaningful and worthwhile way. You can do this by joining the order. Throughout my life I’ve only known one role, to be subservient to my parents and my husband/ However, the other day I met a woman who made me question my role in society. I did not know I had an option or voice to change how things were. After talking to one of Pajapati Gotami’s followers, Devangī, my life took an unexpected turn. One morning in mid February, I woke up like any other morning before and did my daily duties of cleaning the cooking. My husband was still asleep and I had been cleaning for most of the morning. I was tired from cleaning and the pain that it caused to my body. Even though, I was young I had back problems. The problems had started when I was young from having to clean all of the time on my hands and knees. The pain was a consistent shooting pain. I had tried to tell my husband about it before but, he did not care to hear about it. I knew he would not be up for awhile and decided to take a break from my chores. The house was quiet and all I could hear was the faint sound of snow hitting the window. I walked outside, it was early morning, cool and crisp with light snow. The air smelt pure, of snow and woodsmoke. I closed my eyes and stood there, outside in front of my house while the soft snow fell on top of me. Unexpectedly, a tear fell from my eye. I wiped it away, ignoring the disappointed feeling I had of not being loved. I was given up as a baby into a family who never took care of me but, instead I took care of them and their house. My role in the family... ... middle of paper ... ...ul and a worthwhile way to spend your life, and to be of benefit to others. ” After Devangī spoke those words I knew it was something my mother would want me to do. I took off my apron and left it fell on the ground of snow. It represented me leaving behind my pain of being mistreated and abandoned. I knew by joining the order I would be carrying out Buddha’s teaching, suffering and the end of suffering. I hope by reading this it will change your perceptions of being a nun. If you join the order you will become a strong educated woman such as Devangī. In the guidance of Devangī I am slowly finding my own voice and I am striving for women’s liberation. By joining the order you will live a meaningful life just as I have. If you decide joining the order is not for you I hope you will at least strive for women’s liberation and support buddhism in our home, India. Chadnā

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