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I know one of the hacktivist organizations in China. That hacktivist organization is called the Red hackers Army (Honker). Their target is to protect the country from being harm from the other countries. Red hackers army (Honker) is a spirit, it is a love for the motherland, uphold justice, pioneering spirit. The organization’s main counter some foreign hackers. For example when some hackers from other countries tried to hack into Chinese Government‘s websites. They will try to help out and fight back. The Red hackers Army (Honker) hack other countries’ website when they don’t like something that is harming their own country. For example couple years ago they hacked into U.S.A’s government home page because they don’t like what they just did at that time. The Red hackers Army is a big group or team that have over 80 thousand members and the numbers is increasing. Most of them don’t work for the companies, they work for themselves. They are hackers but they are not crackers because they have to follow the rule of the Red hackers Army (Honker), the rule is to have ethics. So I think th...

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