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Throughout history religion has played an important role influencing various societies. Religious beliefs have been embedded in legal systems, social status, economics, sexuality and politics in ancient and modern societies. This concept is applicable to Ancient Athens. The Greek religion consisted of various Gods and Goddesses that represented different elements of Greek life. The practice of various gods or polytheism is ta partria. The religion of Greeks differs drastically from Western forms. In modern Western communities religion and culture exists in separate spheres; however, Athens did not acknowledge a difference between the two concepts. The deities explained various phenomena in the Greek culture. Not only did Athenians rely upon religious entities to explain everyday occurrences, superstitious remedies and beliefs affected opinions of Athens’s citizens. In Athenian culture religion was promoted in multiple spheres. Religion has many aspects, in Athens religion included customs, burials and superstitions. Religion affected Athenians lives through the laws created, the social order of society, and the political realm.
In Ancient Athens there was no concept of separation between church and state. The religious beliefs of Athenians directly affected the aspects of the legal system. Many Athenian laws stem from religious facets. Laws prevented individuals from disrespecting or defiling the deities. In the case of the defense of a farmer, the law charged the defendant with “destruction of a sacred olive tree” The olive tree represents the Goddess Athena and destruction of this tree is seen as sacrilegious. The preservation of the tree reflects how religion influenced Athenian laws. The tree represents the importance of reli...

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...h and the state. Athenians did not enforce the concept of separation of church and state because the two were not different. Religion had a large role in the policies and the actions of the Greek government. The social classes of the Athenian culture had religious influences. Not only did religion affect the government, the government shaped religious practices. The interaction between religion and the government displays the firm control each concept had over Athenians. The social order from Zeus placed power in the hands of few that required of certain number of individuals to remain obedient in order to keep social order. The creation of this mythical social order allows for a few individuals to have control over society. The aristocratic class uses religion to dominate society and retain social order. The belief permitted a small group of men to have economic and
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