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Over the course of the semester, we all worked very hard for our senior fashion show Etheria. Overall, the senior show in my opinion was very good. The performance of our volunteer’s dressers, models, and ushers all helped in assisting our show and we could not have done the show with ought their assistance. Upon entering the show guests expressed how fabulous the decorations looked, and that it was a very inviting and sophisticated look. The show was held on campus and this gave us many postivies because many new were this location was, or new someone who did. Also, this gave us an advatge for the lighting, sound, and a ticket booth to sell tickets.

Technical- The music committee did a great job picking songs that best fit our show. During the beginig of the smester we all brainstormed song ideas for the show and I sent a few song ideas and put them on a discussion board, the recommendations were played in class and we all voted on the songs we liked. During the show the music flowed very well between each seen, appropriate music for bridal, red, contemporary, and sport. The ending was great with the music a nice and consertive piece that left the show and audience happy.

Merchandsie- The merchandise managemtnet worked with the model coordinators to ensure each model were assigned a garment based on fit, and scences. All the garments that entereted the fashion show were kept on a spreadsheet with designer name and what model would be wearing this garmnet.
Model- The model committee did a great job, every model that was signed up to volunteer was at the show except for 1 person. The models had many trainings, including rehearsal to improve their walk, and to be fit into the garments. Many from the show commented on the childr...

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Visuals- The audience were taken back on the great visuals of our show were. We worked hard to set up the tables cloths and cut them down, arranged the paper flowrrs in silent auction and front entrance, created signage, and steamed and set up the stage. We worked on making paper flowers that were different sizes for the show, and distributed them out in the lobby in vases, and taped to the ticket booth. We also worked on crating the silent auction table, and made bows for all the glass vases and steamed the drapes.

Fundraising- Raising money for our show the class and fundraising team brainstormed ideas for sponsors and ways to increase the profit for our show. I hlepd with the boutique fir a week and brought items for sale and closed the last day, helped with the bake sale and brought cookies, and with the alterations by calling and dropping off garmnets.
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