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The mechanical properties of the concrete greatly depend on the microstructure, especially on the pore structure. The pore structure of the concrete can be significantly improved by using mineral admixtures, which improves the properties of fresh concrete, hardened concrete as well as the durability. Silica fume and the metakaolin are the two commonly used highly reactive pozzolan. Compare to the metakaolin, silica fume is thoroughly investigated and well established mineral admixture, which is used in the construction of several Civil Engineering projects as an essential constituent of high strength concrete. Despite the popularity, the two major concerns with the use of silica fume are the high cost of the concrete produced by the use of silica fume and the shrinkage of the concrete. Recently, metakaolin has gained significant attention and many researchers reported the results of the mechanical properties of concrete containing metakaolin with and without using fibers . In this paper, the authors investigated the influence on the mechanical properties of the three mixes of high p...

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