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Sound waves are the progressive longitudinal vibrations, found in an elastic medium, by which sounds are transmitted. It basically is used to refer to changes in air pressure that produce sound. Now, lets breakdown this definition sounds are vibration that travel through different mediums such as solids, liquids, and gases. Sound waves are created by the vibrations that sound makes. sound waves have two different vibrations, longitudinal and transverse.
Longitudinal waves are particles that go through a medium, what the sound travels through, and the direction that they travel in is parallel to the direction in which the sound is moving in. basically what this definition means is which ever way the sound waves are traveling, longitudinal waves have to travel parallel to that sound wave. when you stretch out a slinky and make the string start to vibrate, as the motion of the slinky moves forward the longitudinal particles are moving parallel to that motion. A transverse wave is when these transverse particles move perpendicular to the motion of the wave. For example if you move the slinky again which ever way the vibrations on the slinky are moving the transverse particles are moving perpendicular to that wave. Sound is also a mechanical wave, this aspect comes from the motion of the wave and the particles moving in that wave. When sound moves in a longitudinal wave there are parts of the wave in which some parts are compressed and other parts are farther apart, these distances in the wave are known as compressions and
Morgan 2 rarefactions, rarefactions in a wave consists of molecules with the least amount of force being applied pressure and compressions in a wave consist of molecules with the most amount of force bein...

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...s chain reaction continues until the brain recognizes the sound that you are hearing. There are diseases that can prevent sounds from getting to the brain and also

nutrients from getting to the brain which cause cell death and makes it harder for the brain to function. One of these diseases is alzheimer's which prevents vital nutrients from getting to the brain and can prevent brain function, however music can be a type of therapy for the brain because by hearing a sound it can help the brain to remember a memory and make a person with alzheimer's live an easier life but not cure the disease entirely. The only draw back would be that the nerves in the brain are already dieing and damaged so these nerve impulses can only last for a short period of time. It would be difficult to live in a world without sound because it can help many of our daily functions.
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