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Every class at APSU in the social work department I have had to write a APA formatted paper. Each one of these papers required a minimum of three scholarly reviewed journals. In this field it is important to have knowledge and the best way to gain this knowledge is to research a specific topic. In social work research class, I remember writing a proposed research project. This was intended to help us understand the first step to conducting research, which is vital to fully understand an issue. For example, I chose to propose a research project of abused victims. My working hypothesis for this particular paper is: If an individual has a low self-esteem, then the individual will likely be in an abusive relationship. There needs to be more research and studies done in this area. With more research and studies, social workers would be able to use this data and research to create workshops and videos to help educate individuals in order to potentially prevent individuals from being in abusive relationships. One interesting fact that I found while researching abusive relationships is tha...

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