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All around the world there are 162 million people who use marijuana at least once a year with 22.5 million who use the substance daily. Recently the legalization of the plant cannabis sativa has become a hot topic for debate. Similar to the prohibition of alcohol from the 1920’s people are still finding ways to get around the laws that are in place against cannabis. Although there are many varying opinions on the subject of cannabis, when it comes to legalization all facts should be presented in an unbiased manner so that a proper decision can be made. In a struggling economy could the cannabis plant be of help not only economically but medically as well? Cannabis is the product of cannabis sativa or cannabis indica plant. From the plant cannabis is most commonly taken as the buds or flowers of the plant. These flowers have many uses and consumption can cause a variety of effects. However the usefulness of the plant does not stop there, there are many other uses of the plant as a crop and as a medicine. The consumption of cannabis can come in many forms including smoking, vaporizing, eating, and even in certain drinks. Consuming cannabis causes psychoactive and physiological effects. The main reason for someone to consume cannabis is to feel a relaxing euphoria. Delta-9-tetrahydroccabinol, commonly known as THC, is the part of cannabis that gives one that euphoric feeling. As your body breaks down the THC it turns into metabolites which stay in your fatty cells but do not cause a “high” feeling. Many people think that the THC stays in your system for weeks keeping you high all of that time. This is untrue and the reason for this logic is due to misinformation. Two of the metabolites that come from the breaking down of THC are ca... ... middle of paper ... ... possible side effects and often times they almost seem counterproductive with side effects that can include death. If you were to see an advertisement for medical marijuana then possible side effects would be hunger, thirst, and dry eyes (along with a warning about smoking). Which one seems to be the obvious choice? Studies Many studies have resulted in different outcomes, but all seem to be positive. A study done in Spain recently revealed that THC actually kills brain cancer cells. PROFITSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS closing statement Cannabis has a variety of uses from medicine to a construction material. With an abundance of uses I believe that cannabis should be legalized for medical use and recreational use however, both need to be regulated so that it cannot be abused. Cannabis has been around for a long time and it will continue to be around for even longer.

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