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Introduction: Is the treatment of Palestinian Refugees in Egypt ethical? My proposed answer, that the treatment of Palestinian refugees in Egypt is not ethical, may come as no shock to some. While to others, it may seem that my conclusion is extremely peculiar, since I am saying that the “Arabs” in the Arab-Israeli conflict aren’t properly supporting their own. The whole picture however, does not simply put blame on Egypt. We see the evolution of status and rights of Palestinians within Egypt has increasingly diminished over time. And through exploring the issue, we come to realize that multiple actors play a role to Palestinian situation today. To explore the ethics of this situation, I will utilize the main frameworks of Morality of States and Cosmopolitan theorists. Morality of States (MoS) theorists employ ethics with an interesting perspective with an emphasis on respecting sovereignty, employing weak universalism as the basis of intervention, while Cosmopolitans (Co) tend to believe in a universal ethic that is derived from utilitarian ideals. These frameworks although different, provide common ground that can allow us explore many underlying questions of ethics. Now one may wonder why this issue and why Egypt? First, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a source of socio-political turmoil in that region of the world since Israel’s inception. So much so, that even UC Berkeley’s Political Science department is wary to bring it up, let alone provide a class on it1. Though with the Arab Spring, with Egypt being a major player, more attention has been raised on many other issues. Egypt also has a very unique position in the issue being a neighbor of Israel, first Arab nation to make peace with Israel, and t... ... middle of paper ... ...ure this universal moral, Cosmopolitans use the utilitarian approach based on two premises: well-being is the only thing that is intrinsically good, and morally right or wrong is decided by the overall consequence. Utilitarianism using those two premises, can be used by cosmopolitans to find a maximum global well-being, creating that to be the appropriate action. Specifically rule utilitarianism which is applied to a general rule that produces the maximum utility13 History: Palestinians in Egypt Granted the international community failed to uphold moral actions, by both standards of morality, causing the creation of Palestinian refugees. It is important to recognize for the rest of this analysis that cases do need to be looked at independently (although they may not be mutually exclusive), from other actions to avoid faulty logic like two wrongs make a right.
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