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Have you ever thought about a private or nonprofit organization, and were curious about their procedures to increase sales year after year? Pacific Sunwear, an Anaheim, California based organization that was established in 1980, applies the four management functions to increase the company's sales each year. Pacific Sunwear, also referred to as PacSun, sells branded clothing for both young men and women and has stores located all over the United Stated and Puerto Rico. Their slogan, "Golden State of Mind," comes from the clothing style that relates to the Californian lifestyle. PacSun can be compared to well-known retailer, Macy's, with PacSun being on a lesser level, with the aspiration to increase sales each year. I am an assistant manager for PacSun, and we put the functions to use every day. These companies utilize the four management functions, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, to reach for success annually. Each organization uses these functions uniquely, but also use the functions in similar ways. For any organization, planning, the first step in the four management functions, is very significant to reach success. During the planning process, organizations establish goals for expectations on performance and then decide on how to reach that specific goal. For example, increasing sales each year is Pacsun's year long goal. The stores keep all of their sales reports, return logs, and exchange records for each day, so when that same business day comes around again the following year, each store knows exactly how many sales they need to have to increase sales for the current year. They also keep track of each store's average dollar amount per sale and how many units are being sold through each transact... ... middle of paper ... ... Lastly, the fourth management function is controlling and it helps observe employee's actions and checking the progress towards achieving the goal. Managers at PacSun have a specific way of controlling, for example: observing, coaching, and following up with each employee on his or her performance. Observing the employee when he or she was assigned a task can reveal if the employee is doing his or her job correctly. Secondly, coaching can be difficult if managers are unsure how to criticize employee's work. "Since you can't always offer better job opportunities, your coaching stance must place the emphasis on where it properly belongs — on continuous learning on the job, and the growing of skills wherever and whenever possible" (Nigro). Because managers control in PacSun, employees can understand how different tasks should be done correctly and effectively.

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