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Microsoft’s core mission is one of accessibility. Accessibility is about ease of access to products and services. Microsoft mission statement defines this ideal with phrases like “enable people and businesses to realize their full potential”, and “create technology that is accessible to everyone.” (microsoft.com) The concept of accessibility ties into innovation in the fact that it reinforces the need to design and build new technology. Technology that by its natural often requires a basic knowledge to fully realize its potential. Microsoft’s mission then is to design and develop technology with ease of use in mind. Things like accessibility option that include adjusting screen sizes, gestures, keyboard shortcuts, and the new Windows 8 tile interface are all examples of Microsoft efforts in investing in accessibility. It is with this investing in an simpler way for consumers to have the ability to personally and customize the experience plays right into the mission of accessibility. Windows 8 tile interface centers around the “one touch” access.(microsoft.com) One touch involves devices having the ability to run with a single touch. In the past accessing a file or program involved a few clicks within a menu system. Now the same functions can be done by simply touching a tile on a home screen. This ease of access is designed by Microsoft to draw in casual users that would previous be unable to use a Windows device. Devices themselves can be design with accessibility in mind. A good example is the Hybrid Pc, and are made up of a tablet like interface tied to a traditional pc. It is with these devices that Microsoft is able to fully release its mission of accessibility while also driving innovation. Another example is Microsoft... ... middle of paper ... ...upplier of software Customer: Microsoft scored average of 9 out 10 customer ranking on PCmag.com survey. Skype. Buying Skype added its 300 million users to Microsoft’s customer base. Weaknesses Manufacturing: Microsoft still relays heavily on other manufacturing Security flaws: Microsoft Decrease in PC market: 2013 saw the lowest Pc sales in history, and first quarter of 2014 is already down 7 % Opportunities Cloud based services: Expanding integration of One Drive and One Note into Windows 8 would increase market share and take away from competitors like DropBox and Google Drive. Mobile advertising: Using ad space within apps on other devices and services Mobile industry : Sales of Surface tablets doubled to $893 Million. 7.4 million Xbox consoles sold Threats Intense competition in software products Changing consumer needs and habits Open source projects

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