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Overpopulation The world’s population has increased dramatically throughout the years and is increasing daily. It is affecting both developed countries and developing countries. Twenty percent of the richest people are the ones that consume Eighty six percent of all the services and goods. In 1972 three scientists created a computer model that analyzed global resource consumption and production. Overpopulation is affecting our resources. In the past three decades, population growth has affected the world. The world’s population grows by two hundred thousand people per day and the global population expands by eighty million people a year. Almost half of the population is twenty five years old or younger and the and the decision they make during the reproductive years depends if the population will be six billion or fourteen billion by the year of 2100. According to United Nations the increase in population has slowed down or maybe even stopped at sometime in Europe, North America and Japan. Most of the growth takes place in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of South and Western Asia. Without question these are the places that have the most shortages in natural resources. Earth can only a certain amount of water and food and it is all being put in jeopardy. The issues that are being caused by overpopulation are water shortages, food shortages, and pollution. Overpopulation is affecting our water source. Water is Extremely important and it is needed for everyone and everything to survive. Since our global population keeps increasing dramatically the demand for freshwater also does.We are beginning to have water shortages i... ... middle of paper ... ...h keeping pollution in control are trees. If more trees start getting cut pollution only increases which will affect the ozone layer and world’s temperature. So if the population is well educated as well as sex educated and are smart with family planning. By family planning and sex educated I mean that when a couple decides to produce a child they should take in mind if they have the money to feed the child and if they do not they just should not have a child because the child then will not have the nutrition they need and then it will also affects the other people’s taxes because they have to end up providing for the kid and the low income family.So if we take in mind these ideas there still is hope for our planet’s population to stabilize and be just right. “ population growth is a choice, not an inexorable force of nature.”

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