our rights

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Based on an ethical philosophy, traditional utilitarianism looks at what is best for the greatest number in society as a whole, what creates happiness for the greatest number of people. As Jeremy Bentham, the founder of traditional utilitarianism, stated as the basis for the utilitarian philosophy, "An action is right from an ethical point of view if and only if the sum total of utilities produced by that act is greater than the sum total of utilities produced by any other act the agent could have performed in its place." Utilitarianism looks at actions based on the maximum benefits to society at the lowest cost and selects the action that will provide the most utility and benefits over any other actions. Since actions in the utilitarianism philosophy are based on creating the most benefit for the most people, the views of morals takes on a much different meaning than the moral values of an individual's actions. When we as individuals look at moral decisions, we base our actions as to how the actions affect people involved. Usually our actions are based on our personal moral beli...
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