organizational behavior

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How a leader or a found of an organization can helps in creating a strong culture in an organization? Can a leader eliminate culture? Explain.


Leaders is a person who have a conduct and power in organization and made the decision to make sure achieve a goals. Leaders also have a power to influence on the organization to follow what the decision made on him. There are three major type of the leader such as autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire. Leader must have a good skill and knowledge to conduct the organization very well in the work.

The meaning culture is characteristic group of people such as religion, language, social habits, music and another else. Environment in the work place, defines the boundaries of the different groups. This is because the work place have many different people culture. This is make organization operate efficiently only when shared values exist among the employees. The another employees can learn about new values on the culture both of them. According to book information management and organization behavior KPTM MARA , culture are elusive and hidden, so they are hard to diagnose, manage and change. Next, culture sustain people through periods of difficulty and ward off anxiety. Culture also provides and encourages stability. It is more employees share and accept the core values, the stronger the culture and the more influences it is behavior.

Organization is a social structured people to manage on the position that the organization that follow. Organization make the work to be easy and complex on do the work. It is also have a responsible on the work place based on the position. In the company for example, organization also cam make the team work on the employee and th...

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...o be a great mentor is determine the most valuable technique, get a mentor yourself, get mentorees to agree with your style of intervention. A mentor main to help a people to achieve goals on the company.

Next, leader also can use the factor diversity. It means, as a leader have a creative in enhanced making decision. The leader must make the decision to achieve goals on their company. The decision making must making with the organization and the leader have to create the decision creative to improve the company. Beside that, better communication with customer and employees. It is because to be clear information all about and not misunderstanding. Leader must have culture better on their employees. It is because the leader is main plays and to be role model for their staff or employees. The leader must have more knowledge and more do work from their employees.

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