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Hip hop music contains more than just empty meanings; it can educate, motivate, and encourage. In addition, it possesses the power to inform one about current technology and urban life. According to Lori Selke, a professional writer and editor for Global post hip hop is. The term that refers to more than just a musical genre, it encompasses a whole culture, including dance forms, graffiti art and even fashion. Hip-hop music is characterized by a performer speaking rhythmically, or rapping, over a backing track that often, but not always consists of loops or samples of other music woven together. Hip-hop debuted in the 1970s in the Bronx and gradually became the dominant popular music form by the 1990s, representing a multi-billion dollar industry today. (Selke) Nevertheless, since the start of the 21st century, hip hop has lost its originality, which was educating on meaningful issues such as racism, police brutality, segregation,or even speaking out against a particular belief. A good example of this would be Tupac Shakur’s song “Changes”(1992) with Interscope produced by Deon Evans states. And still I see no changes, can't a brother get a little peace It's war on the streets and a war in the Middle East Instead of war on poverty They got a war on drugs so the police can bother me and I ain't never did a crime I ain't have to do But now I'm back with the facts giving it back to you Don't let 'em jack you up, back you up Crack you up and pimp-smack you up. (Rap Genius) The meaning behind these lyrics promotes social changes, justifies a race, and also creates a feeling of unity. In addition, it is not uncommon that Tupac’s song “Changes”(1992) is so deep in meaning because it was produced in a time period in hip hop when one of ... ... middle of paper ... ... strong hardcore rap sub genre of hip hop. Even though the music they were producing was not the most pleasant for its listening ears NWA was original. NWA had to go against hip hops norms to promote their beliefs, and lifestyles through their music. Artists like the musicians in NWA, who goes against the grain of hip hops norms slowly opened up the door for todays hip hop. This can be seen by the way that similar to the hardcore rap image is more easily accepted in todays society. Hip hop is dead, according to rapper Nas during a recent interview with reporter Kelefa Sanneh. “Hip hop is no longer a source to permit one to give tongue to their creativity, lifestyle or to educate’’ (Sanneh). Nas announced the album’s title name Hip Hop is dead after a performance on May 18, 2006 in a late September interview when asked why he claims that Hip Hop is dead, Nas stated,

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