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The question of if we have minds is ages old. While there are many theories on the existence of minds, as with all things, there must be on idea that is correct. Being raised around religion and growing up in a mostly christian society, I believe in the idea of Dualism. Dualists believe that we are made up of something that is physical and a separate mind or mind that is directly connected to the physical body. This theory proves to be true for most religions but there are other people who challenge the idea of a mind. There are Monist ideas, like Physicalism and Idealism, that think the world is made up of one type of thing. We can also see many arguments that try to disprove the existence of minds. While we can only discuss a few ideas today, I hope to convince you that believing anything less than Dualism and the existence of some kind of mind is a mistake. Lets begin with some of the Monist ideas. The two theories I will be speaking about are Physicalism and Idealism. These two idea are contradictory ideas Physicalists stating that we are only physical beings with no supernatural connection, Idealists believing that we are only minds and all we know comes from thoughts. These two ideas present similar problems for Dualism that can be easily disproved. The Physicalist believes that there is nothing outside of what we can sense (see, touch, taste, etc.) To speak against this we have forces like gravity which is a clear example of something that is not physical and yet is a thing that exists. Under Idealism the mind is all there ever is, was, or can be. With a world where only mind exist we would be able to literally think something into existence. If you try that now you will find that it is not possible and therefore the min... ... middle of paper ... ...e mind and the brain we have no way of disproving minds, only proving that they rely on brains in order to communicate with the physical world. With the argument from reason we see that without minds the world we live in becomes a thoughtless world based entirely on survival. Chalmers supports the argument from reason with the zombie argument. While we could continue this discourse for many more pages, it is my hope that these few examples can show us that minds exist. We live in a world that forces the idea of minds on all of us from an early age, but after looking at some of the arguments provided it becomes clear that there is a part of all of us that exists beyond the physical world. Works Cited Dualism (philosophy of mind). (n.d.). Wikipedia. Retrieved December 12, 2013, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dualism_(philosophy_of_mind)#Causal_interaction_2

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